• High Flux Tube

    High flux tube can be classified into three groups: sintered high flux tube, sprayed high flux tube and machined high flux tube. Among them, sintered high flux tube is the most expensive for its complex processing method and high efficiency; machined high flux tube is applied...
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  • HH Finned Pipe

    Square H Type Fin Tubes Square fin tube, H fin tube, rectangular fin tubes, double H fin tubes Finned Tube----Square Fin Tube, Rectangular fin tubes Base Tube O.D (mm) Base Tube Thickness (mm) Fin Height (mm) Fin Thickness(mm) Fin Pitch(mm) 25.4 mm ~50.8 mm 2.5 mm ~5.0 mm 0.5...
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  • Twisted Steel Tube

    Twisted tube is a kind of enhanced heat transfer tubes that firstly presented by Swedish Alards Company, and then improved by the USA’ Koch Heat Transfer Company, LP. Fig. Structure of twisted tube Fig. Twisted tube with carbon steel, stainless steel, copper Structure and...
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  • Hydraulic Tube St35

    Seamless precision steel tubes, also called hydraulic steel tubes, are made in accordance to DIN 2391/C and DIN 2445/2 standards. There are two common types of seamless steel tubes material available: ST37.4 (E235N) and ST52.4 (E355N). The difference in materials will result...
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  • DOM Tube T5

    Product Name: DOM Tube ASTM A513 Welded Precision Cold Drawn Mechanical Tubing Application: race car frames, roll cages, motorcycle frames, spindles, rollers, shafts, cylinders, etc. Size(mm): O. D.: 6.0-168.0 W. T.: 1.0-15.0mm L: Max 12000mm Workability: Easy to weld, Cut,...
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  • Nickel Alloy Tubing

    Nickel based alloys are very useful materials for the manufacture of high quality tubing products. One of the key reasons is that they offer excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high temperature applications. In addition to their high melting points and...
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  • Phosphated Hydraulic Tube

    EN 10305-4 Black Phosphate Steel Tubes EN10305-4 E235+N/DIN1630 St37.4 Black Phosphate Steel Tubes Seamless precision steel tubes for hydraulic usages Description: galvanized or phosphated seamless cold drawn precision steel tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic lines with...
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  • Galvanized Hydraulic Tube

    Din2391 Galvanized Hydraculic Precision Steel Tubes Synopsis of Process Routing:DIN highly accurate, cold rolled and bright seamless steel tube is used as the tube to be galvanized. The outer wall of tube is electroplating. The caps are covered at two ends of tube to prevent...
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  • Precision Steel Tubing

    Precision Steel Tubes for the Automotive Industry An outstanding strength of SMP is its technical support and consulting service targeting at customized solutions for the Automotive Industry Automotive tubes with standard EN10305-1,material E255,delivery condition NBK 1....
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  • Heat Exchanger Tube A179

    Heat exchanger tube in an extensive range of austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium, suitable for all types of heat exchangers, such as seawater coolers, condensers, evaporators, heaters and reheaters. TS's heat...
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  • Super Austenitic Stainless Steel

    Super-Austenitic Stainless Steel has a corrosion resistance higher than the duplex grades because its alloy content is higher. It has a high PREN (pitting resistance equivalency number) for superior resistance to chloride pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Super...
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  • Cladded Tube

    The stainless steel clad steel tube (also called as stainless/carbon steel complex tube) has a stainless steel cladding layer (not electroplating) outside the carbon steel tube to form a two-layer tube. The external stainless steel layer is for the antirust and decoration...
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