• Serrated Finned Tube

    Serated spiral high frequency welding fin tube High frequency welding spiral fin tube is a new kind of heat transfer material which has the feature of wearing resistance and high efficient. And it is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving heat transfer element. It adopts...
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  • Studded Pipe

    We are professional High Frequency Welding Studded Tubes manufacturer. Studded Pipes for HRSG refinery, furnaces, Air Cooler, boiler, gas turbines, fired heaters, Fluidized Bed Coils. What are Studded Tubes? These are metal tubes with studs welded on the OD throughout the...
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  • KL Finned Tube

    KL Footed Fin – Knurled L Footed Fin: Base tube outside the knurling, winding around the L feet after the second rolling to strengthen the segment contact, improve heat transfer performance, can withstand repeated hot and cold cycle is not loose. The finned tube adds a lot of...
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  • Stainless Finned Tube

    Laser Welded Stainless Steel Fin Tube: The laser welded fin tube use of laser welding technology, 99%-100% fully welded, Higher heat transfer ability comparing to HF welding and Wrapped fin tube, Lower energy consumption, reduced cost of consumables and increased efficiency...
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  • Double H Finned Tube

    H / double H fin tubes (TYPES“, Double S“) Steel H Pairs of parallel shaped steel fins are resistance welded to the single pressure tubes (pipes) surface under very carefully controlled conditions.The purpose build welding machine ensures very precise indexing along the...
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  • High Finned Tubes

    High fin tubes is an integral extended surface tube designed primarily for applications which require high outside-to-inside surface area ratios, such as direct fired water heaters, boilers, and applications for heating or cooling gases. High Finned Tubes - More efficiency...
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  • U Bend Tube Bundle

    Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat from source to another source. For shell and tube heat exchangers, fluids of different temperatures flow through the exchanger. One of the fluids flows through the tube bundle while another flows through the shell. Heat then...
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  • Longitudinal Finned Tubes

    U-shaped longitudinal finned tube. The u-shaped longitudinal finned tube is a new type of heat exchange product developed by our company according to the customers' self-development, and is composed of many types due to the different materials, fins height and fin...
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  • Elliptical Finned Tube

    Hot dip galvanized elliptical fin tube: Using string hot dip zinc process, fin uniform, piece of contact with a solid, good anti-corrosion properties, Elliptical tube on the square fins: special type of finned tube. This finned tube maximizes heat exchanger performance and...
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  • Brazing Fin Tube

    Nickel-based brazing infiltration oval finned tube: Patented products, independent research and development is the independent research and development of the company's efficient heat transfer tube, the working temperature: 600 ℃, the use of strong winding process, chip...
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  • Bimetallic Finned Tube

    Bimetallic tube is composed of two different materials: usually inner material is a corrosion resistant alloy (copper, aluminium-brass, titanium) whereas the outer material is a high-stress resistant alloy (stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium). It is, however, possible to...
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  • Oval Finned Tube

    We are committed to meet the rising needs of our valuable clients by manufacturing and supplying Oval Finned Tubes. Oval Finned tubes are considered as alternatives to conventional circular tubes in finned tube heat exchanger because of their better air flow characteristics....
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