• Stainless Steel Profile

    We specialize in the production of series stainless steel products including wire, welding wire, wire rod, wire rope, link chain, tube, bar, angle, profile etc.. The material covers 201,202,301,302,303, 304(L), 308(L), 309(L),309Lsi,310(s),316(L),321,410,420,430(F). Relying...
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  • Stainless Steel Round Bar

    Stainless steel round bar besides having the characteristics or corrosions resistance has been developed over time to encapsulate end user applications. For example, Improved Machining (IM) grades have been developed to enhance machining of the steel into components, grades...
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  • Stainless Steel Flat Bar

    Our stainless flat bar products are divided into two primary groups – true flat bar and sheared and edged. A true flat bar is usually in the HRAP condition though it may sometimes be cold drawn. This bar has fairly sharp corners and tighter tolerances on thickness and width...
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  • Stainless Steel Angle Bar

    304, 304L,300 Series HRAP Hot Formed Equal Stainless Steel Angle Bars ISO Certificate For Metallurgy, Biology, Electron 1)Stainless Steel Angel Bar 2)Standard:JIS AISI ASTM 3)Size:25x25x3-100x100x10 4)ISO Certificate 5)Grade 304,304L,316L Applications: Foodstuff, gas,...
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  • Ornamental Stainless Tube

    We offers Stainless Steel Ornamental tubing (also known as Stainless Steel Decorative tube) in 3 different shapes Round, Rectangular and Square. Stainless Steel Ornamental tubing is used for various purposes the most significant being architectural. This Ornamental tubing is...
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  • Sanitary Stainless Steel Tube

    We have one of the most extensive inventories of ASTM A270 stainless steel sanitary tube fittings in the country. We stock multiple sizes of 3A sanitary tubing accommodating the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or biotechnology industries. Our experienced team will assist with...
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  • Hygienic Tube

    Stainless Steel Hygienic Tube & Fittings Hygienic Tube To compliment the hygienic fittings range, DPL also stock a full range of hygienic tube. Manufactured from premium grade 316L Stainless Steel which also complies with BS4825, the tube is suited to many industry...
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  • Incoloy Tube

    Alloy 800 is a combination of nickel and chromium alloy that has excellent tensile strength and resistance to oxidation as well as carburzation properties. This alloy is extremely functional as it maintains a stable structure, even when exposed to high temperature. Alloy 800...
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  • Hastelloy Tube

    Alloy C276 Tubing is a nickel-molybdenum-chromium-tungsten superalloy, showing excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical degradation. The high nickel and molybdenum content impart remarkable corrosion resistance in reducing environments while chromium provides the same...
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  • Monel Tube

    Alloy 400 Tubing all called Monel 400, This nickel-copper chemistry features a high intensity single-phase solid solution metallurgical structure. Alloy 400 has greater corrosion resistance than nickel under reducing conditions and is more resistant than copper under...
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  • Coiled Steel Tube

    Coiled Stainless Steel Tubing Coiled tubing allows for the installation of long length tubes without the need for joining fittings. This reduces installation time and costs as well as eliminating potential leak points. PAC Stainless stocks both seamless (ASTM A269/A213, ASME...
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  • Copper Nickel Tube C70600

    Copper Nickel Tube Copper nickel tube is used for a variety of industries; including marine environments, power generation, offshore, oil & gas and defence sectors. Drawn copper nickel tube combines cold and hot working properties, highest degree of seawater corrosion and...
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