Production Technology And Precautions Of Aluminum Sheet
Jun 14, 2018

The production process of aluminum sheet passes through these processes: batching - cutting - gouging - corner cutting - bending - plate - reinforcement - re examination.

Ingredients: according to the list received by the factory, the choice of data type, specification and color should be carried out before cutting.

Cut: when cut, set the positioner to the required scale first, then cut a small point first, check the scale to fit the demand scale, start cut when consistent, and vice versa, until the cut is close. The direction should be accurate when cut. From left to right, from upper to bottom, the opposite is forbidden; check at the end of cut, check to see if it is right, see if it is right  Conform to the specifications, and then lay the plates clean in clean channels to prevent damage to the veneer.

Gouging: when planing, it is necessary to note that the processing sheet is intended for re analysis, confirmation and stereotype.

Cut angle: punching angle machine is punched and cut angle is not allowed to surpass the center line of groove.

Bending: we must pay attention to not repeat the bending, more bending two times, to prevent fatigue damage.

Group board and reinforcement: first of all, prepare the information and stuff of the group board. Pay attention to the process of group board.

Recheck: carry out a re examination of the finished aluminum sheet to see if it is in line with the manufacturing specification and prevent the factory from giving bad effect to the manufacturer.

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