Problems To Be Solved In The Processing Of Copper Nickel Alloy
Jun 14, 2018

The smelting process is a step in the processing of copper nickel alloy. In the processing of copper nickel alloy, the pure copper is very easy to breathe in in the melting state. The key of smelting is to prevent the inhalation. And the gases that can be well dissolved in copper are mainly hydrogen and oxygen, and hydrogen and oxygen are harmful elements in copper and reduce the performance of copper. So when we process Copper and nickel alloys, we need to pay attention to it. Taking effective measures to deal with it is also necessary to avoid or reduce air, water, oil and others. The contaminants are in contact with the melt. In terms of the gas dissolution process, it is necessary to eliminate the "adsorption" conditions so that the dissolution process can not be established.

In the processing of copper and nickel alloys, in order to improve the production efficiency, reduce the oxidation loss, ensure the normal rolling of the strip, under the condition of the equipment condition, the hot rolling is usually used when the copper and nickel pressure changes. It is also to avoid "hydrogen embrittlement" and cause some other accidents.

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