Effect And Efficiency Of Fin Tube
Jun 14, 2018

Increasing the surface area of the heat exchanger tube or the area of the internal standard can also improve the heat exchange efficiency of the fin tube.

Fin tube is a kind of wear-resistant, new and efficient heat exchange material. In the process of use, it is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving heat exchanger. The equipment mainly uses high frequency power source as the heat source, and effectively heat the steel pipe and steel strip at the same time, so that it will make it melt together to become one body.

The finned tube has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and large heat dissipation area. The whole product has long service life and adapts to a wide range of temperature. The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, economizer, waste heat recovery, greenhouse greenhouse, power plant boiler, wood drying and other industrial fields.

The installation of the fin tube is simple and the connection point is reduced economically, so the installation of the equipment will become more economical and faster, and to a certain extent, the leakage probability of the connection is reduced. The maintenance of the product is simple. After the installation is completed, it is basically not needed to be maintained.

The fin tube is of high efficiency. In the process of making the pipe, the steel tube and the fin are welded in full contact. The heat dissipation area is more than 8 times that of the light tube. The interior of the product will be more smooth and the internal flow resistance is relatively small.

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