What is the strength of the copper nickel alloy
Jun 14, 2018

Welding method of copper nickel alloy tube? Tungsten gas shielded arc welding has outstanding advantages such as arc stability, good energy concentration protection and flexible operation. It is especially suitable for welding thin wall copper nickel alloy pipe. Therefore, we adopt the tungsten heavy arc welding with direct DC pole, and the welding equipment is NsA4 - 300 manual tungsten argon arc welding machine. The control loop of the welding machine has stable pressure device, the welding current is stable, and it has the function of automatic current attenuation, which ensures the quality of the end of the weld seam, and is suitable for the needs of the ring seam welding.

Selection of welding wire for copper nickel alloy pipe welding? In order to prevent the excessive reduction of post weld strength, a proper amount of brocade in the wire can be enhanced to strengthen the weld metal and improve its corrosion resistance, especially the resistance to seawater corrosion. The thermal and cold state plasticity of the weld is good, and it is very beneficial to reduce the welding crack. We have chosen ERCuNi copper nickel alloy wire containing about 30% nickel content as filler.

Preparation of copper nickel alloy tube before welding? Before welding, the cleaning of the welding interface is very important. The copper nickel alloy pipe is truncated and machined by mechanical method. After removing Mao Kui, it is necessary to use acetone to scrub with 0 or 1 sandpaper to clean the edge of the seam to keep the edge of the seam clean in the range of 20mm. The assembly gap of the tube assembly is kept within 0 ~ 1mm. The whole copper net says that the spot welding is three points every 120 degrees. The positioning weld is short, and the height shall not exceed the formal weld seam, and it is not allowed to have any defects. The requirement for the purity of the welding gas is more than 99.99%.

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