What are the applications of finned tube radiators?
Jun 14, 2018

What are the finned tube heatsink? What are the common types? What are the main areas for application?

One, what is a fin tube radiator

Fin tube radiator is the most widely used heat exchanger in gas and liquid heat exchanger. It can enhance heat transfer by adding fin on ordinary base tube. In addition, the fin and tube can be added to the heat exchanger tube to increase the heat dissipation area. It can also be called fin tube radiator.

Two. Common types of fin tube radiators

According to the structural form of fins, finned tube radiators can be divided into four parts: chip type, string type, welding plate type, rolling sheet type and so on.

Three. The main application fields of fin tube radiator

Fin type radiator is the most widely used radiator products at present. It is usually used for heating or cooling air. It has the characteristics of compact structure and large unit heat exchange area. Widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical industry, drying, power and other fields.

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