How to maintain the fin tube?
Jun 14, 2018

1, regularly check the finned tubes to wash and clean, whether they are good or not, whether there are deposits, coking, rust and other scaling and adhesion, and immediately wash. At the same time, it is necessary to check the precision of the adhesion of the fins and rubber washer, and whether the rubber washer is ready to avoid the leakage caused by the rubber washer degumming and destroying.

2, the plate type heat exchangers press the nut and the upper and lower guide bars. They should frequently lubricate the grease with grease and grease.

3, the instrument adjustment should be dedicated to work hard, and rigor operation procedures to operate and maintain.

4. When the finned tube is pressed again, the scale position of the press must be carefully pressed, and the rubber washer should not be overpressed so that the lower washer will use the life.

5. When replacing the fin tube rubber gasket, all segments should be updated so as to avoid uneven gap of each piece and affect the heat transfer result.

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