High-frequency resistance welded spiral finned tubes
Nov 16, 2018

The tube-based heating radiator for civil and industrial buildings, which is made of high-frequency resistance welded spiral finned tubes as basic heat dissipation components, is the first product to be promoted and applied by the Ministry of Construction through scientific arrangement and combination and making full use of the mechanism of natural convection heat dissipation. With high pressure, not easy to leak, large heat dissipation, compact structure and material saving, it is the preferred heat transfer enhancement product for industrial boilers and utility boilers. Better match with medium heat pipe and fuel gas boiler.

High-frequency resistance welding series spiral finned tubes melt the surface of steel tube and metal sheet at high temperature through high-frequency effect, and combine under the action of external force. Its characteristics are: good metal contact surface, near zero contact resistance, less heat loss, large heat transfer coefficient of fins, large transverse heat transfer area, high heat transfer efficiency, total heat transfer coefficient is 4-8 times that of smooth tubes, and welding rate is over 95%. Compact structure, small volume, saving material advantages. High frequency resistance welded spiral finned tubes are widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, metallurgy, textile, drying, refrigeration and other industries. They are ideal heat transfer elements for various industrial hot stoves, industrial furnaces, heat exchangers, heat recovery devices, air coolers, preheaters, economizers and civil heating equipment.

High-frequency resistance welded spiral finned tube

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Product material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.

Diameter of steel pipe: 25- 108mm

Steel tube thickness: 2.0-10mm

Width of steel strip: 10-25.4mm

Steel strip thickness: 0.8-2.5mm

Length of pipe: 3-22m

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