H finned tube heat exchanger
Nov 03, 2018

H finned tube heat exchanger

H-type finned tube heat exchanger is mainly used to reduce the exhaust gas temperature of power plant boilers, and recycle their waste heat, so as to increase power generation, improve dust removal efficiency, reduce desulfurization water consumption and other energy-saving purposes. This product is also applied to other high energy consuming fields such as metallurgy and chemical industry. It can be used as flue gas cooler and flue gas reheater.

Product features

Special equipment is welded. H fin and base pipe are soldered firmly without damaging the surface of the base pipe.

As a heat exchange element, H-type finned tube has high heat transfer efficiency, less ash accumulation, compact structure and good effect of waste heat recovery.

Arranged in sequence, the space is divided into several small areas, which can equalize the flow of air, and the wear life can be increased by 3-4 times.

It has good soot blowing effect and little smoke resistance.

The elbow welding part is located on both sides of the flue so as to avoid wear and leakage at the welding place.

H finned tube heat exchanger

Adopt fixed length base pipe, and the whole foundation pipe has no weld except elbow.

Quality Control

Have a perfect quality management system, strictly test the performance of raw materials according to controlled procedures, and control the quality of raw materials.

The H type finned tube screen and the assembled module are respectively tested by water pressure, and the holding time is not less than 20min.

We have professional flaw detection equipment, conduct weld defect inspection and meet the NDT standard.

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