Copper microporous tube
Nov 07, 2018

Copper microporous tube technology: Our factory has a professional production technology of Copper microporous tube, which can automatically punch according to customer needs, saves manual punching time, improves production efficiency and reduces production costs.

Copper microporous tube features: good electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, corrosion resistance and processing performance, can be welded and brazed. Containing less impurities to reduce conductivity and thermal conductivity, trace oxygen has little effect on conductivity, thermal conductivity and processing performance, but it is easy to cause "hydrogen disease" and is not suitable for processing (annealing, welding, etc.) in high temperature (e.g. > 370 C) reducing atmosphere.

Application of copper micro tube: used as conductive, heat conducting, corrosion resistant equipment. Such as wire, cable, conductive screw, detonator for blasting, evaporator for chemical industry, storage device and various pipelines.

Specification for copper microporous pipe: all types and specifications are complete, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

copper microporous tube

Main physical parameters of copper microporous pipe:

Density: 8.9g/cm3

Tensile strength B (Mpa): greater than 295

Elongation: Delta 10 (%): > 5

Elongation: delta 5 (%): > 10

The hot working temperature is 900~1050 C.

The annealing temperature is 500~700 C.

Main chemical components: (Name: Chrome zirconium copper):




SB: 0.002




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