ASTM B171 C46400 Disc|Tube sheet
Sep 29, 2018

Disc ASTM B-171 C 46400, Ø 1150 mm, thickness 135 mm, machined final dimensions, Qty.: 1

Disc ASTM B-171 C 46400, Ø 990 mm, thickness 135 mm, machined final dimensions, Qty.: 1

Tube sheet is widely used in shell and tube heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, steam turbine, large central air conditioning, etc. The customized high precision tube sheet is mainly used for chemical containers, such as shell and tube heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel, condenser, central air conditioning, evaporator, water desalination with the function of supporting the fixed shell and tube. The material of metal makes it not only has the very strong rigidity, and has a great deal of heat conduction performance.

Feature of tube sheet: High gloss, good tube hole surface quality, high precisive Material of tube sheet: copper,stainless steel,titanium,aluminium, carbon steel,brass.,etc

Production of tube sheet:OEM,ODM available

Quliaty of our tube sheet : Prime

Price of our tube sheet: Negotiable

Packing of tube sheet:wooden box, wooden pallet, solid package suitable for ocean and air transportation.

Delivery: 7-30days

Application of tube sheet: heat exchanger,boiler, pressure vessel,steam burbine,air conditioning.,etc

Function of tube sheet: support and fix the tube and shell, heat conductive, corrosive resistant,high pressure 

Product: Tube Sheet

Synonyms: Tube plate,tube disk,clad tube sheet,tube sheet plate

Quality standard: Produced strictly according to national standard and customer’s drawing.

Material: Alloy steel,carbon steel, copper steel

Range: Diameter350mm~2000mm

Thickness: 45mm~650mm

Weight: 200kg~6000kg

Connection type:welding

Features of our products

High pressure resistant,high temperature resistant, corrosive resistant, acid and alkali resistant,long service life, sofisticated technology surface treatment , well-formed, good performances. 

Production technology:High precision CNC lathe cutting machine, drilling machine, argon-arc welding Nominal pressure Various kinds of pressure standard Flanges: GB, ANSI, JIS,API, DIN,BS.,etc

Material: Various kinds of material cutting and processing

Application: Widely used for pipe,heat exchanger,boiler,pressure vessels 

Packing: Wooden box ,wooden pallet or as request

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