ASTM 52100 Bearing Steel Tube| 1.3505 | 100Cr6 | SUJ2 | EN31
Aug 31, 2018

ASTM A295 is specification which covers 52100 high carbon bearing quality steel to be used in the manufacture of anti-friction bearings. And 52100 bearing steel is the most common steel grade in ASTM A295 standard for high-carbon anti-friction bearing steel.

What is 52100 bearing steel?

AISI/ASTM 52100 bearing steel is a high carbon, chromium containing low alloy steel that is through hardening and noted in particular for use as bearings.

Seamless Cold Worked Bearing Steel Tube

Bearing Steel Tube 100Cr6 , GCr6 , GCr9(SiMn), GCrl5(SiMn) , GSiMnV(Re),GSiMnMoV(Re),GMnMoV(Re)


O.D.: 5-144mm     W.T.:3.5-20mm      L: 0-12000mm according to customer requirements.

Standard API, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS, 


Grade GCr15 SAE52100 100Cr6 SUJ-2 S135 SKF3,SKF3S Etc.


Packing & Delivery

1) In bundles or wooden box

2) 30-40 days



1) Steel ball, roller and collar of large machinery bearing

2) High-hardness and high contact fatigue strength machinery parts with heavy load, such as axis of rotation, blade, stator pump, profiling, sleeve, mandril, etc.



1) Good hardability and high toughness

2) Long fatigue life

3) Medium cold processing plasticity

4) Certain machinability

5) Poor weldability

GB GCr15 bearing steel is GB standard Alloy Bearing steel, It belong to the high quality high carbon, alloy chromium,manganese  steel. GB GCr15 properties is a chromium,manganese alloy steel specification. GCr15 is equivalent to AISI 52100, DIN 100Cr6. Most applications can replace each others.

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