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As a one of the foremost coated aluminum coil manufacturers and suppliers in China, all coated coils are painted by TS own coating production line. TS can produce different aluminium coil coming with different types of coating, including, PVDF coated, polyester coated, brushed and chromated...
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As a one of the foremost coated aluminum coil manufacturers and suppliers in China, all coated coils are painted by TS own coating production line. TS can produce different aluminium coil coming with different types of coating, including, PVDF coated, polyester coated, brushed and chromated cleaning coils. Given below are the detailed specifications for your reference.

PVDF coated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy AA1100; AA3003; AA5005

Coil thickness: 0.25mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.50mm

Coil width: 1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm, 1550mm, 1575mm

Coating thickness: Over 25 micro

Diameter: 405mm, 505mm

Coil weight: 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil

Color White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)

Polyester coated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy :  AA1100; AA3003; AA5005

Coil thickness:   0.18mm,0.21mm,0.25mm,0.30mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm

Coil width:  1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,

Coating thickness:   Over 16 micro

Diameter :  405mm, 505mm

Coil weight:  2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil

Color  White series, metallic series, Dark series, Gold series( accept color customs)

Brush finish aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy:  AA1100; AA3003

Coil thickness:  0.15mm, 0.21mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm

Coil width :  1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,

Diameter:  405mm, 505mm

Coil weight:  2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil

Color Silver & gold

Clean chromated aluminum coil

Aluminum Alloy:  AA1100; AA3003

Coil thickness:  0.15mm, 0.21mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm

Coil width:  1240mm, 1270mm, 1520mm,

Diameter:  405mm, 505mm

Coil weight 2.5 to 3.0 tons per coil

In addition to various coated aluminum coil, TS can also provide aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, and sandstone tile, etc. All TSl products are widely used in the United States, Australia, Russia, Iran, and Japan, to name just a few.

If you are searching for coated aluminum coil or related products, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.

PE Aluminium Coated Coil Aluminium coated coil/ aluminium colour coil

PE (polyester) coating: high molecular polymer as monomer and addition of alkyd, is a UV-resistant coating. It can be classified either as matt or glossy according to your needs. The compact molecule structure makes the point surface luster and smooth, which assures good printing on the panels’ surface.

Characteristic:1) High gloss 2) wide range of color 3) Impact and weather resistance 4) Easy for processing and installation 5) Excellent torsion strength

PE(polyester) coating:high molecular polymer as monomer and addition of alkyd, is an UV-resistant coating. It can be classified matt and glossy according to coating gloss. The compact molecule structure, makes paint surface luster and smooth,which assure good printing on the panel surface. With an warranty of 8-10 years for weather resistance, it is specially applied for internal decoration and sign board.

PE color coated aluminum coil with good PE Paints and high performance of aluminum coil is produced by advanced roller coating. All performance parameters are up to or much higher than related national standards.

The performance of PE color coated coil

Item : Test Item:  >Standard  National standard   Test Result

1 Color Difference : >ECCA T3  ΔE≤2.0 ΔE≤1.5

2 Gloss Difference : >ECCA T2   ≤10         ≤5

3 Coating Thickness   >ECCA T1   Min 14µm         ≥16µm

4 Pencil Hardness : >ASTM D3363 ≥HB        HB

5 T-bend : >ASTM D4145 ≤3T    ≤2T

6 Adhesion : >ASTM D3359 Grade 0    Grade 0

7 Impact: >ASTM D2794 ≥  ≥

8 Boiling water Resistance  >GB/T17748    2h no change   2h no change

9 Solvent Resistance  >ASTM D2248 200 times paint remaining       200 times paint remaining

10 Salt Resistance : >ASTM B117    720 hrs≤grade 1    720hrs≤grade 1

11  Dirt Resistance :  >GB/T9780       ≤5%        <5%

12  Color retaining  : GB/T16259       600hrs △E≤2.0    △E≤2.0

13  Gloss weaken Level : 600hrs ≤ grade 2 600hrs ≤ grade 2

14  Chalking  :  600hrs No Change   No Change

PVDF(fluorine-carbon) coating :

made of fluorine carbon resin, pigment, ester solvent, after high temperature roasting and baking, the paint is solidified to dry film with super weather resistance. PVDF coating also can be classified as traditional PVDF and nanometer PVDF coating.

A.Traditional PVDF Coating, with KYNAR500 PVDF, two or three times for coating and baking, has good properties of anti-acid, anti-alkali and is durable in atrocious weather and environment, keeping 15 years no unwonted fading. In view of these facts, we recommend this panel applied for external wall cladding.

B.Nanometer PVDF Coating, which different with traditional PVDF is the clear coating. It contains nanometer element, which can protect panel from pollution, Because nanometer has self-cleaning effect, It easy to get rid of dust and pollution by raining or water.

Parameters of PVDF Coating PVDF (KYNAR500 PVDF>70%)

Substrates: Aluminium (AA1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5006, 5052, 8011, etc), etc.

Thickness: 0.08-1.5mm

Width: <1800mm

Coils core diameter:  150mm ,405mm, 505mm, 508mm, 510mm

Coating thickness:   PVDF >=25micron POLYESTER>=18micron

Color standard: E < 2 or it is not obvious by eyeballing

Pencil hardness: > 2HB

Coating adhesive: not lower than first grade Impact: no any crack (50kg/cm, ASTMD-2794:1993)

Bend stength: >100 times

Boiling point: no any distortion and color change (in the 99 more or less 1 degree

water, then cooling 2 hours)

Corrosive:  surface deep in the 5% muriatic acid and 5% NaCL, interior deepin the 2% muriatic

acid and 2% NaCL, after 48 hours, no change


We Production of trapezoidal shape and the tile-shaped corrugated roller coating aluminum and other pre-main building of the wall for decoration, these products must be prepared aluminum, metal pretreatment, paint roller and paint roller coating, etc. many processes.

WE using a continuous roller coating aluminum coil and a special baking process. Continuous roller coating technology to ensure that the product has good color uniformity, there is no color, there are long-lasting aesthetics.

Trapezoidal and corrugated products of pre-roll coating can also be pressure on the surface of the mortar-shaped concave in order to achieve special artistic effects.

Sustained wind of performance

WE production of pre-roll coating products have been widely used in the world, time has proved that any complex of extreme Weather conditions can be used in complex Weather conditions, prolonged use of WE products are still shiny as ever, the coating has a high The UV resistance, while the strong sunlight and various environmental factors, the coating will not become brittle or shedding, WE pre-coated aluminum roll good self-cleaning properties of the surface easy to clean, so use the WE pre-roll coated aluminum exterior walls and roofs decorated with little clean-up and maintenance costs, no use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents to clean, so to ensure a long brightly colored buildings, clean.


Aluminum front (exposed side): is the standard color, using two two-baked aluminum coated paper coated with a continuous roller coating technology of polyester (PE) and fluorocarbon PVdf paint.

Coated with a layer of aluminum on the back of a transparent protective varnish, and labeled with product identification numbers and our company logo. Can also provide special colors on request.

Quality assurance system

Quality of products strictly follow the WE factory standards, and European standards.

Coating thickness

Positive thickness: 25μm. (Standard colors)

Back thickness: 3μm (approx.)


Color fidelity

As the printing reasons, the manual card color may be the actual color of the product are different, the user should prov


By Gardner measuring system, measuring angle 60 °, 20% gloss. PVDF 40% gloss

Add new ideas trapezoidal plate

Today's architectural style is constantly in pursuit of different colors, different shapes of organic materials and diverse integration and convergence. The most remarkable modern buildings can be very different materials together, giving a new architectural aesthetic shock.WE ladder pre-roll plate has good aesthetics, flexibility, easy processing, wide range of applications for new buildings to add artistic effect.


Tailored design

Different geometry of the trapezoidal plate design for architects and owners in the external walls, roofs and ceilings to bring distinctive style when. Trapezoidal plate color selection a wide range of colors from standard colors to the metal, may choose to personalize the color, short trapezoid plate will bring a different appearance of the building effect.

Can be arbitrarily trapezoidal plates of different color combinations together, giving a shock of color in the world.


The use of flexible

We ladder pre-roll coating plate using a flexible and reasonable cost, and can provide all with all the accessories for these special attachment is mainly used for curtain walls, roof and ceiling of the special parts, such as building corners, from the storm panels, ventilationmouth, flue and skylights, etc.. Special accessories and trapezoidal plates have the same quality.


Durable, low maintenance costs

Increase the number of nodes can be applied to the external walls, pre-roll coating plate trapezoidal easy cutting and assembly.

Has proved to be the most suitable for the fixed roof and external walls, because only a certain amount of fixed-point trapezoidal plate with durable corrosion-resistant strong, so durable, low maintenance, normal use of the maintenance costs are low, can serve more too.


Corrugated board comeback indeed sigh, old corrugated board from people's memories for many years, corrugated board again as used in the exterior walls and roof of the favorite, mainly because of its ripple effect from the beginning and concave contours will give building a new, familiar art style, especially in all kinds of light, the buildings all the time will show the different architectural visual beauty.



Pre-roll coated corrugated aluminum arc shape that is the traditional 18/67 narrow plates, also 28/180 substantial and high peaks of the corrugated sheets, it is mainly used for large area of the region; while providing 33/175 asymmetric waveform, it can reflect the building's inspiration and trendy. These three shape both vertically can also be installed horizontally, is back for ventilation and no ventilation in the buildings and roofs. Corrugated board structures can be colorful dress.



Using metal color of the wave shape pre-roll coating plate for construction to bring the art shock effects, color selection a wide range of products for the 18/76 can be plaster in a layer-like relief pattern.


The use of flexible

Trapezoidal wave shape and the same, easy-to-cut, simple and fast to install, long life, good performance of wind technology, can provide all the matching accessories, from all parts of the roof to the surface. Annex and corrugated board has the same quality; also project cost reasonable.



Tile pre-roll coating plate registered trademarks ZIEGNAL (best watts). Roofing materials must be waterproof, durable, less maintenance.ZIEGONAL as the most advanced roofing Wetice has proved that it is fully used in any Weather conditions, wind of it strong, rich colors, designed to meet different personalities, simple installation, saving cost and maintenance workload, suitable for large area use. Whether new buildings or old buildings reconstruction, the use of modern architectural aesthetic ZIEGONAL can get a nostalgic feeling.


Light Weight, high strength

ZIEGONAL use a wide range, suitable for almost all of the structure, it Weighs just 2kg/m2. Despite the light Weight, but in terms of stability and strength, it has a high static load bearing capacity.


Waterproof and reasonable cost

ZIEGONAL processing, cutting and very easy to install. Reasonable because the cost of providing ZIEGONAL than pre-roll coating plate, the installation of the required accessories can all be provided, such as corner boards, sealing plates and vents to eat watermelon. ZIEGONAL durable, maintenance work, thereby helping to significantly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.


Roof colorful as ever

ZIEGONAL pre-roll coating plate with five standard colors to choose from. Select the color tone of the material phase with consideration of the traditional, taking into account the individual's vision and building the anti-traditional ideas. WE production ZIEGONAL pre-coated aluminum roller with good color uniformity, color sustained strong performance, with long-term esthetic results.


Product quality and characteristics

Product Overview

WE roller coating of aluminum construction materials products are Semis, but rolling surface, roll or roller coated floWer PVdf or polyamide paint. Pre-roller coating aluminum alloy and mechanical properties and coating volume is devoted to outdoor decoration, and can provide eight different shapes and different thicknesses and four different color tone of the coating.


Quality Assurance

Quality of products strictly follow the WE factory standard, EN, DIN, ASTM, BS, ISO9001 and other international standards. Product quality inspection using the guidance of the European Coatings Association rules. WE production of aluminum sheet forming also comply with DIN18807 standards.


Terms of Use

WE pre-roll coating product is suitable for all kinds of building facades, roofs and ceilings, such as: residential, office buildings, industrial plants, research centers and other construction fields.


Pre-roll aluminum ladder

20/125 type for the ceiling and wall

30/153 type used for roof and wall, asked a small number of fixed points

40/167 type applies to all areas

45/200 type suitable for the roof and external walls; a large section of the ventilation


Pre-roll coating of corrugated aluminum

18/76: corrugated aluminum sheet suitable for roof and wall

28/125: corrugated aluminum plate suitable for large roofs and external walls

33/175: asymmetric corrugated aluminum sheet suitable for roof and wall.



WE has good wear resistance of coated aluminum plates pre-roll - SP-80


What is the SP80

SP80 is a special coating with high wear resistance, which is using high quality polyurethane paint, and add them to improve their performance polyamide, polyamide has a special good wear resistance, it is often used to make durable demanding textiles and gear (in all applications of the most famous brand is usually nylon): In the continuous roller coating process, using two two-bake coating process, coating is painted on the pretreatment of aluminum.


Product features

Coated with SP-80 coating on both sides of the products are based on a continuous roller coating and baking process processed, and its surface tracking

Texture like silk, has a uniform fine surface structure.


Product application

SP80 special coating to ensure a pre-roll coating the surface of a durable aluminum wear resistance, allowing for a wide range of applications, mainly used for roller shutter doors, garage doors and furniture, subway tunnels, hotels, office buildings, airports , Sports, Convention and Exhibition Centre interior decoration.


Add to requests

SP-80 pre-coated aluminum coating easy to process, but the need to comply with the following points:

Temperature not lower than 20 ℃

To be leveling volumes of aluminum, aluminum to eliminate the non-flatness.

Bending radius: 2 times the thickness of aluminum


Coating material

SP-80 is a special coating with high wear resistance, which is using high quality polyurethane paint, and add to improve the performance of polyamide


SP80 main characteristics of coatings

Two coating technology, primer and paint roller, respectively, and baking.

Coating thickness is about: 30um

Surface like silk, has a uniform fine surface structure (gloss: the European Association for the standard coated paper ECCA, a large convention, 20 units)

Temperature stability from -40 ℃ to 80 ℃.

After baking the surface has a very strong resistance to mechanical abrasion.


Abrasion test

Coating abrasion testing is essential for the research and development work, SP80 coating abrasion wear test is Tabe test equipment capacity. Wear was carried out by two friction wheel, which the two rotating friction wheel on the test sample to exert the same force. Worn sample and to assess the number of rotation of the ring wear coatings.


The results show that the samples have very high wear resistance (5000 cycle, the friction wheel models CS17, applied force of 2 × 500 g)


Aluminum coating with SP80 manufactured shutter has a strong wind of performance in the world in different areas of climate and conditions have been successfully applied. (Ocean climate, industrial climate, the sun's radiation zone, etc.).

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