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T.S. Industrial has extensive capabilities in precision rolling stainless steel strip, special metals strip and specialty bars to exacting dimensions. Our specialties include thin gauge strip, foil and bar with narrow width capabilities. We offer extremely close dimensional, flatness tolerances. An extensive selection of stainless steel, special metals, Copper nickel alloys, Aluminum, Valves, tube fittings and titanium alloys are available and in stock.Read More+
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T.S. Industrial Corporation Limited export Finned tube, Titanium Tube, Stainless steel sheet, Heat exchanger tube, Hydraulic steel tube, DOM Tube, Tube Coil, repainted aluminum coil, Anodized aluminum, 7075 Aluminum sheet, Copper nickel tube and CuNi Fitting. Our products in vary shapes include flat coil, sheet,long tubes and profile bars.For stainless steel products, we supply vary alloys from light to heavy gauge thickness, mainly in 304/304L, 316L, 310s,317L, 409, 410, 430, 439, 444, 446, 2205, Monel 400. For aluminum product, we supply alloy grade from mainly 1005, 2024, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5083, 5754, 7075. In vary types, foil, sheet, plate coil. From heavy thickness plate to extra width plate.For finned tubes, we supply both extruded fin tube and helical welded finned tubes, which mainly used for heat transfer industry.
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Our products in vary shapes include flat coil, sheet,long tubes and profile bars.Read More+
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We are confident that our expertise in this field will bring you high value-added products & services, and we are ready anytime to team up with your metal products solutions.
N08367 super-austenitic stainless steel has excellent comprehensive properties and can be widely used in seawater systems of other nuclear power plants, Yongxin……
Oct 30
Finned tubes are usually used to transform heat power equipment to increase the area of heat. Many of the equipment in our lives are used in our lives.……
Jun 14
Increasing the surface area of the heat exchanger tube or the area of the internal standard can also improve the heat exchange efficiency of the fin tube.……
Jun 14
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